In praise of bees - Buzz Translations

buzztranslations owes its name in part to a fascination with bees and their essential role in maintaining ecosystems and our food supply, particularly at a time when bee populations are in crisis.

This page is dedicated to those indomitable and indispensable little workers of the natural world, listing a number of organisations that promote bee-related knowledge, craft, and conservation and development projects.

Happy reading!


BeeBase, the website of the National Bee Unit, is a database of bee-related information.

Bees for Development assists beekeepers living in poor and remote areas of the world, and raises awareness of the value of beekeeping in alleviating poverty.

The British Beekeepers’ Association promotes the importance of bees, support for beekeepers, and awareness of the craft of beekeeping.Why not become a Bee Guardian?

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust works to ensure a long-term future for all the UK’s bumblebees and other pollinators.

Buzz about bees is something of a bee fan site with a wealth of information about bees, honey and bee conservation, suitable for adults and children alike.

Backyard Beekeeping 101 is a short and highly informative article about what you should consider and the equipment you will need as a novice beekeeper.

18 varieties of honey and how to enjoy them is a bright and colourful infographic with brief descriptions.