French to English Translation Services at Buzz Translations

I provide translation and revision services for a wide range of documents within my specialist sectors.

When clients contact me, I first of all draw up a quote for the text in question. Once we agree to move forward and agree on a deadline, I get to work.

I first read the text through and conduct any necessary research online to ensure I am fully up to speed with the latest terminology relating to the subject of the document.

I then translate, revisit, print out and proofread the translation, before sending it off to a trusted colleague for a close revision of my work, thus ensuring impeccable quality. In the process I call on and build up my glossaries and translation memory, in order to ensure maximum consistency and accuracy.

I then give it a final check-through before delivering to you.

However, I can also help if your text is already in English but needs revising. In this case I go through the overall document looking at structure, then examine each sentence with an eagle eye, removing stylistic or grammatical stumbling blocks and ensuring flow, fluency and reader-friendliness throughout.

Scroll down the page for some examples of the kinds of documents I work on every day.



corp1The day-to-day ‘stuff’ of corporate life, including:

  • Corporate blog articles and press releases
  • Employee communications
  • Management reports
  • Presentations
  • Policy documentation.

financeInvestment product documentation, such as:

  • Investor relations communications
  • Financial statements and annual reports
  • Fund prospectuses and KIIDs.

lsci1Covering agriculture, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals:

  • Research papers, reports and articles
  • Press releases announcing new discoveries, partnerships and funding
  • Patient information leaflets and consent forms for clinical trials (forward and back translation)
  • Clinical trial partnership agreements
  • Transcripts of symposia
  • Product and sales presentations.